Musket caps, also known as percussion caps, were used in firearms during the Civil War to provide the ignition source for gunpowder. They were placed on top of a percussion nipple, which was a small tube that extended from the breech of the firearm.

When the trigger was pulled, a hammer struck the cap, causing it to ignite and fire the gun. Musket caps were an improvement over earlier ignition systems because they were more reliable and faster to use. They were widely used in Civil War-era firearms, including muskets, rifles, and pistols.

There are a few factors that can contribute to the quality of a musket cap. Some of the most important factors include:

  1. Consistency: Musket caps should be consistent in size and shape, as this can affect their performance and reliability.
  2. Material: Musket caps are typically made of metal or metal-coated material, such as copper or brass. Caps made from higher-quality materials are likely to be more durable and reliable.
  3. Sensitivity: Good musket caps should be sensitive enough to ignite easily, but not so sensitive that they are prone to accidental ignition.
  4. Packaging: Musket caps should be packaged in a way that protects them from moisture and other damage. Caps that are packaged in trays or boxes that keep them organized and protected are likely to be of higher quality.

Overall, the best musket caps are those that are consistently made from high-quality materials, are sensitive enough to ignite easily, and are well-packaged to protect them from damage. In the event you’re not interested in musket caps, we also have other reloading supplies such as: reloading primers, smokeless gunpowders, black powders, black powder substitutes and percussion caps.

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CCI Four Wing Musket Percussion Caps


The quality of CCI Musket Caps is monitored and enhanced often. This makes CCI Musket Caps more responsive, easier to seat, and more broadly compatible with progressive and autonomous loading systems. CCI Musket Caps come in a wide range of diameters to accommodate a wide selection of common calibers. Modern non-corrosive and mercuric-free initiator mixes are used for the cleanest burn possible. You won't find a better deal on CCI 4-Wing Musket Caps For Sale anywhere else than right here.

RWS® Musket Caps – 4 Flange Musket Caps – No.1081 – 200 to 5000 Pack

RWS Percussion Caps For Sale RWS GmbH creates high-quality ammunition, components, and pyrotechnics for hunting, sport, the military, law enforcement, and industry. We are the European market leader for small caliber ammunition, pyrotechnic elements and components, and heavy metal-free priming elements. About 300 patents demonstrate our innovation. With a steady market focus, targeted investments in manufacturing facilities and R&D, and a 1500-person workforce, we have grown for years. RWS GmbH joined Beretta in 2022.

Schuetzen Four Wing Musket Caps

Schuetzen Musket Caps For Sale In Stock Now Schuetzen Powder Energetics, Inc. is a national leader in black powder propellants for guns, pyrotechnics, mining, and military applications. Petro-Explo and WANO Schwarzpulver GmbH of Germany formed Schuetzen Powder Energetics, Inc. Schuetzen Powder Energetics, Inc. imports and sells WANO black powder, offered in the US as Schuetzen Black Powder, and Swiss Black Powder, as well as our own Schuetzen Musket Caps, the hottest on the market. We sell the greatest black powder shooting items and educate shooters to grow the industry.